Ruby Westbrook

Full Name 
Ruby Westrbook

Position Title at SSUMC
Children's Ministry Director

What is your favorite scripture verse?
"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1" .

What keeps you working and worshiping at St. Stephen UMC?
One specific aspect that drew my attention at St. Stephen UMC was the continuous welcome the congregation gives. You are always greeted and leave with a feeling of belonging.

One thing you like most about St. Stephen UMC.
I really enjoy the fellowship opportunities that St. Stephen has.

What areas do you cover as a part of the staff at St. Stephen UMC?
I am the Children's Ministry Director for St. Stephen UMC.

What exactly do you do at St. Stephen UMC?
I oversee the children's ministry, while equipping the people of St. Stephen with ways to be involved, growing their spiritual devotion to God. My goal is to know God and make Him known by leading, teaching and guiding the children and parents at St. Stephen UMC to be devoted followers of God.

What is your favorite aspect of ministry?
Watching people grow in their spiritual faith is a blessing to be a part of. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of ministry.

When did you know you wanted to serve God by going into ministry?
I truly believe we are ALL working in God's ministry in some way or fashion. I've been called to church ministry and it has been most apparent in children's ministry. When I started volunteering in children's ministry 15 years ago I was made aware of my spiritual gifts of leading and teaching but most importantly I was made aware that I have a passion for equipping and helping others do the same.

Tell us a little about your family.
We are a little family with a BIG range. Brandon and I were brought together 10 years ago and have seen the works of God in our lives in ways we can barely explain. Brandon has accompanied me in the upbringing of my two children Jade and Jonas. In 2009, the LORD blessed us with hearts to be solely dedicated to HIM, marriage, a new home and our very own daughter, Hazel. It is amazing to look into our pasts and see how God has harmonized us, all completely different, to a close family that leans on each other.

Any spiritual gifts we should know about?
It is a blessing to recognize my gifts. It took quite a bit of praying, patience and learning to even understand what some of my gifts meant. As I keep growing, so do my gifts. My spiritual gifts are administration, giving, mercy/compassion, faith, discernment, pastoring, servant leadership, craftsmanship/artisan, and encouragement.

Tell us about your children and grandchildren?
Jade is my oldest and at 19, I guess technically not a youngin' any longer. Jonas is my only son; he is a 14 year old freshman. And Hazel is our "baby." She is 5 years old; or as she would say, 5 and a half years old.

What’s your quirkiest characteristic?
Boldness and a "wild child".

Are you a good student? Why or why not?
I am a good student, I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVE learning and can't wait to have time to get some college under my belt.

What kind of music/media do you have on your iPod?
What's an iPod? Zero; I enjoy music but do not have time to enjoy listening to music.

Who's your favorite Biblical character?
Paul, he has such an incredible story. He is definitely someone I look up to.

What’s your favorite toy? Why?
Dolls! I have dolls, buy dolls, collect dolls, adore dolls and cannot wait to one day make dolls!

One thing I’m not sure that I want anyone to know is...
I've come a LONG way...and still have a LONG way to go.