Full NameĀ 
Wade Andrew Girton

Position Title at SSUMC

What is your favorite scripture verse?
Psalm 65

One thing you like most about St. Stephen UMC.
The congregation at St. Stephen has been incredibly welcoming. The sheer amount of kindnesses they have heaped upon me since my joining the church is astounding. If I've had a bad day, I always know that rehearsal or the service will cheer me up.

What exactly do you do at St. Stephen UMC?
I am a pianist at St. Stephen. I play during services and rehearse with the choir once a week.

Who are some of your heroes?
Most of my heroes are pianists or music professors, but the biggest is probably Dan Haerle. He is an emeritus professor at UNT and I was fortunate to be able to learn from him during a music camp. His example of work ethic and positivity continues to inspire me.

Any favorite movies or books?
My favorite book is probably A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce.

Are there any pets in your household?
My family has two miniature schnauzers named Blackie and Buster.

Are you currently in School? If so, what are you studying?
I am currently enrolled at The University of Texas at Arlington. I hope to complete a degree in Piano Performance with a Jazz concentration.

What kind of music/media do you have on your iPod?
I listen mainly to Jazz. I really enjoy the feeling of uncertainty that comes with improvisation and not knowing what the musicians will play next, as well as the expression apparent in their playing.

Who's your favorite Biblical character?
My favorite Biblical character is Peter. His doubt and hesitance are very human traits that make him easy to connect to, making it even more inspiring when he overcomes them.