We are more than buildings. We are more than those in worship. We are more than the issues that divide us. We are more.



For stories of everyday Christians and leaders within the United Methodist Church, who believe that sharing their stories bears witness to Christ’s presence at work in the world please visit www.WeAreMore.faith.

With all of the negative press and crazy things that happen in our lives it helps to read stories which foster the gift of community and reveal the role of the Church in putting faith and love into action. Join us in sharing your story and proclaim that We Are More.

We are asking all of our members, followers, and believers to please visit this website and submit your story of faith. It is super easy and will be an inspiration to others, simply follow the prompts on the website. We also ask for you to remember our leaders worldwide who will be gathering to deal with many difficult issues while in prayer.

Thank you for helping us spread the love of Jesus Christ!